Part 13- Jealousy

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“And a 1, a 2… a 1, 2, 3, 4!” I shouted to my cousins and siblings.

It was Wednesday evening and with just one week left till Ayesha’s wedding, we needed all the practice we could get for our Mehndi dance.

Ayaaz helped me choreograph some parts of the dance. Now that I think of it, he walked in on me practicing on the balcony and then just added his own steps and moves into it, or should I say ‘made it better’ according to him.

It was weird at first because I haven’t really danced in front of anyone like that but it all fell into place with his bubbly personality and lame jokes.

I thought he would be here tonight for the rehearsal so he could help us out, but he said his busy helping his sister with her project. Aaliya is in grade 7 and has to build a 3D car for her Technology assignment and left it until the last minute. So Ayaaz had to buy everything today and sit through the night trying to build it.

Can I just say that the boys in my family are completely hopeless at dancing to Bollywood music?

You get Moe, who literally just laughs at everything. Everything! 

Then you get Sumz elder brother, Zak. He just says ‘hai, I’m not doing that’ for almost every move. Every move! 

And lastly, you get Ahmed, Sumz eldest brother and he literally just stands there and smiles like a 5 year old that’s just been caught doing something naughty. Oh and at times he looks at Moe and they make up their own weird move. Seriously, this is what I have to deal with?

They dance, it’s not like it’s completely new to them. Deep down, they knew the moves, just as deep down, I questioned my actions of coming up with this idea.

Me: Can we please get serious now? We’re going to look like complete fools out there if you bozo’s don’t sort out yourselves!

Sumz: Yea guys, cut it out.

Ayesha decided to sit the dance out. It was understandable since she is the bride. So while Sumz and I tried to get the guys to cooperate, she just laughed at us and eventually retreated to bed.

“And 5, 6, 7, 8…. And 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8…” I counted out loud as we finally got the hang of it and danced to each move.

“Left, 2, right, 4, 5, 6, 7, swirl… and end!” I concluded.

“Yay, we finally got it!!” Sumz and I chirped and jumped up and down on the spot.

Moe, Zak and Ahmed weren’t very impressed considering it was midnight. However, they were pleased with the progress and offered to buy us Wakaberry.

Sumz and I pulled on an abaya and some lipgloss and headed down and met the guys by the car. Don’t judge us, we might just see someone!

You must be wondering why Wakaberry would be open at midnight on a Wednesday, right? Well, the newest Wakaberry in Sandton is Wakaberry on the go and it’s just near Sandton City. It’s opened 24 hours a day baybeh! 

We went in and chose our favourites: mixed berry, granadilla and cheesecake. Sumz and I topped it with pecan nuts as always and I added some of thee most delicious Nestle milky-bar syrup. It was heavenly!

Honestly, I never understood why people would want to put chocolate on yoghurt. But after tasting that milky-bar syrup, I was undoubtedly in love and totally understood it. Sumz on the other hand wouldn’t even give it a try. It doesn’t make sense to her.

We stood and leaned on the car while we all devoured our frozen yoghurt. I finished mine first and noticed Sumz eating reeeaalllyyy slowly.

“Err, madame, do you think we have all night? Why are you eating so slowly?” I asked Sumz, quite amused.

“Well…” Sumz replied guiltily. “Ilikeeatingslowlysoitwontgetfinished.”

“Huh? What?” I was beyond confused.

Sigh. “I said that I like eating slowly so it won’t get finished.”

I stared at her, blank faced. It lasted about 3 seconds before we all burst out laughing. Broken!

“You what?” I said, laughing. “I don’t believe you Sumz!” I said, holding my stomach and wiping away the tears that arrived due to all the laughter.

Moe: Are you sure you normal?

Zak: Sumz, do you want more? I’ll go buy you more.

Ahmed: Yaa, go buy the whole shop for her. Go, just go!

They all laughed at their own comments, trying to make her seem greedy.

Sumz laughed a little at herself. “Don’t laugh at me okay!”

Me: You’re too funny Sumz!

Ahmed: Go buy more for Reez also Zak. See how quickly she finished hers. She’s just as greedy as Sumz!

I settled my laughing and looked at him, narrowing my eyes. “Heyy, why you picking on me now?”

Before he could even think, or reply for that matter, I smacked him on the shoulder playfully.

Moe and Zak were even more broken now after Ahmed got a hit from me.

Moe: hahahahahaha that should teach you to mess with her!

Zak: hahaha yaa you collected a nice present. He showed Ahmed ‘shup’ as he said that.

We all laughed again and then headed home. Gosh i love my brothers!

Once I got to my room, I changed into my blue pyjamas and hopped into bed. I was exhausted and all that dancing got my feet to hurt. I just picked up my phone ready to check my Instagram quickly when a message came through.

“Heyy Reez   🙂   ”- Zay

So Zaydaan and I spoke a few times since the incident a few weeks ago. I was upset of how rude he was when I called him, let alone the fact that he claimed to be busy with campus work when I heard music in the background. I thought that not talking to him so much would at least make him miss me. But it didn’t seem to even shake him.

Honestly, I didn’t really feel Zaydaan missing that much because as he drifted away, Ayaaz joined our lives and became a part of it. So every time I felt bored or needed to chat to someone, Ayaaz was there, even if I didn’t ask him.

I missed him, that’s for sure. But I won’t dare tell him that and make him think that I’m okay with whatever he does to me.

Now, the big question was, to reply or not to reply?

I think I’ll ignore him and reply in the morning. I checked my Instagram and posted a pic of the Wakaberry we had earlier. We always put our bowls together in a circle and click a picture of it from the top. #Wakaberry #FroyoWithMyFamily #gradilla #MixedBerries #Cheesecake #MilkyBarSyrup #pecans

As I went off Instagram I looked at the message again.

“Heyy Zayy… How are you?”- Reez

Okay, so maybe I’m a bit weak when it comes to him. Stop looking at me like that!

“I’m good and you? Where’ve you been hiding hmm?”- Zayy

“Lol, nowhere… just busy with studying and wedding prep. You know how it is. U?”-Reez

“Lol oh okay… enjoy it while it lasts 😉 … Argh, same old… I couldn’t sleep and I was thinking of you so I thought you’d be awake”- Zayy

Okay, so he only messaged me because he couldn’t sleep? 

“Aww sorry… how’s campus?”- Reez

“It’s okay, busy as always… getting closer to being done though, thank goodness. I’m tired of studying now lol”- Zayy

“Lol I can imagine.”- Reez

“And with you?”- Zayy

“I’m on study leave now. Thank goodness my exams are after Ayesha’s wedding, or else I don’t know how I would have time helping around, practicing and stuff.”- Reez

“Practicing for?”- Zayy

“The mehndi night. Remember I told you we doing a dance?”- Reez

“Oh right! How’s it going?”- Zayy

“It was quite successful today, especially since Ayaaz helped me out with the moves. He made my life a little easier.”- Reez

“Ayaaz? Who’s that?”- Zayy

“Ayaaz is my new neighbour.”- Reez

“Oh I see… so what was he doing by your house?”- Zayy

“Well, since he moved he became friends with all of us. He’s been helping us with the wedding prep too.”- Reez

“Ok, so he can dance and that’s why he helped?”-Zayy

“Uhm, not exactly… When I was busy dancing, he came in my room and helped me”- Reez

I instantly regretted sending that message without thinking of the consequences.

“K”- Zayy

And just like that, jealousy took over. I should’ve known!

I put my phone away and tucked myself into bed thinking about what just happened.

This is my fault right? I shouldn’t have said it like that. It just made him angry! 

I blocked out my thoughts and went to sleep. If he can lie to me, why should I be worried about upsetting him? 

I fell into a deep, deep slumber for what felt like days. It was going well until I heard someone banging on the sliding door. Someone was on my balcony. 

Yes, you guessed it! Ayaaz!

“Argh!” I snapped, getting out of bed. I unlocked the sliding door and ignored him by jumping straight back in bed. My eyes scanned for the clock subconsciously and I noticed it was just 08:00am.

Hell no! I am not waking up at 08:00am!

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My love for Wakaberry

Sumz and Reez – Love for our brothers

Zaydaan- Jealousy took over

Part 13- Jealousy

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“And a 1, a 2… a 1, 2, 3, 4!” I shouted to my cousins and siblings.

It was Wednesday evening and with just one week left till Ayesha’s wedding, we needed all the practice we could get for our Mehndi dance.

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Part 11- Mint 2 Be

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I awoke the next morning with a very serious case of the Monday Blues.

After oversleeping, rushing to get dressed, getting stuck in traffic when I’m already late, and arriving 15 minutes late to my most boring lecture, I finally checked my phone to occupy myself. It was only then that I realised that I haven’t checked my phone since yesterday at Ayaaz’s house.

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Part 10- Cheesecake, Ronaldo and a room with a view

‘If you wanted me to hold you, you should’ve just said so beautiful,’ he said, with a smirk on those naturally pink lips.

I shook out of my reverie and realised what was happening. I was saved by an extremely gorgeous hazel-grey eyed guy that had light brown hair and pink lips and muscular arms, which I was currently in.

‘Uhm…’ was all I managed to say and I shuffled a little trying to move out of his arms.

His smirk turned to a perfectly-teethed grin as he leaned back and put me on my feet. It was only then that I realised exactly what he just said to me.

‘That wasn’t my intention, but thank you for coming to my rescue,’ I said to him, shaking slightly in my voice.

‘It was definitely my pleasure sweetheart,’ He said to me, smirking. ‘By the way, I’m Ayaaz.’ He said as he extended his hand towards me.

‘I’m Rezana.’ I said to him, reaching forward and shaking his hand in return. I felt my cheeks redden a little. Damn, he was hot!

We stood there in silence for a few seconds before he broke it.

‘So, uhm, I never saw you before.’

‘Err, yea. Actually, I’m your neighbour. Aunty Fathima and Uncle Yaaseen’s daughter. They came here last night with my sister, Ayesha.’ I said to him.

‘Oh I see I see. I didn’t know Ayesha had a sister, especially a pretty one like you,’ he smirked at me.

My cheeks flushed again. Seems like he’s a flirt.

‘Why didn’t you come last night? I would’ve stayed to chat longer with your family,’ he said to me, flirtingly.

‘I was busy with some stuff,’ I lied.

‘Aah, well you missed the tour. Come on, I’ll show you the place,’ he offered kindly, as he bent down to my dress and unhooked it from the thorns. He put his hand in mine and I flinched at his touch, but held onto him as he led me towards the house.

If my father sees this, he will kill me and Ayaaz. Please don’t let him be around, please don’t let him be around, I chanted to myself mentally. Truthfully, I just didn’t want to let go of his hand. I noticed Ayesha engrossed with Aaliya and then I passed my parents whose back was facing me. Thank goodness! Ayaaz greeted a few people as he held my hand and walked past them.

As I followed him, hand in hand, I noticed his great sense of fashion as he wore a white formal shirt, dark blue jeans and a white Carvela. I have a weakness for guys in white shirts. They just look so hot!

We entered the huge house as he showed me all the rooms downstairs. He still held my hand and didn’t fail in adding one or two flirty lines in between. He then led towards upstairs as we climbed towards the rooms upstairs.

He showed me Ebrahim’s bedroom which was elegantly decorated in white and silver. It has a huge king-size bed and white furniture, with a huge white fluffy carpet completing the room. It was clean and simple.

We moved towards Aaliya’s room which was pink perfection. The walls, the furniture, the décor and even the bedding were pink. It was gorgeous, especially with the pink feathery throw over on the bed. It was definitely fit for a princess.

The main bedroom was next, and with blue being my favourite colour, I was in awe. The room has blue and white walls, with white bedding and blue décor. Matching cushions, furniture and curtains tied the room together. It was amazing.

‘I think I’ll stay in this room forever,’ I beamed at Ayaaz, instantly feeling the cushions and lying on the bed.

He laughed lightly and sat next to me on the bed. ‘Only if I can stay with you,’ he replied, smirking at me. His eyes showed an emotion I couldn’t read. Yes, he was definitely a flirt.

I laughed at him, ignoring my inner thoughts. We left the main bedroom and went towards the lounge, the grey upstairs lounge Ayesha told me about.

‘What about your room?’ I asked him as we left the lounge.

‘I’m saving the best for last,’ he said, smiling. He walked towards a room in line with the lounge, yet opposite to the other bedrooms. He opened the door and my breath was taken away when I saw his room.

The room was dark as it had dark floors, but it was brightened with the lights coming in from the glass walls. He had dark grey furniture around his bed, and a plasma screen directly opposite it on the wall. But the amazing part was the glass walls as it led onto the terrace with the cold water pool. The same terrace Ayesha mentioned she seen from the upstairs lounge.

He had the room with the best view, and a glass door that led him straight onto the terrace. It was breath-taking.

I walked towards the glass and put my hand against it, all the while staring outside at the terrace and at the view it offered.

‘Your room is … amazing.’ I said.

‘Thanx’ he said to me, as he came and stood behind me, ‘I designed it myself when we renovated the house.’ He opened the glass door and gestured for me to go out onto the terrace as he followed behind me. We settled down on the outdoor white furniture by the pool, as he sat next to me.

‘So what do you do? Tell me about you,’ he said to me, smiling eagerly.

‘Well, I finished matric last year and now I’m studying first year Marketing Management at Varsity College,’ I began telling him, as I told him a little about myself, what I like, my siblings and a few other random things. He listened attentively to me, his gaze always on me. ‘What about you?’

‘There’s not much to me Rezana. What you see is what you get. I’m as simple as that.’ He said, smiling at me. ‘I studied IT for two years and got my diploma. Now I’m basically just enjoying my life with my father’s money. I don’t need to work as yet because I don’t need the money and my father has a lot of contacts that can get me a job any time I want one.

We moved here from ­­­­Nelspruit because my dad is opening up a new business here in Sandton. We know quite a few friends and some family too here and now I’m glad I know you too.’

My cheeks flushed again slightly and I lowered my gaze a little so that he won’t see it. We were facing each other on the couch with our arms resting on the backs of the couch.

‘Reez, Reeeez, Reee…’ Ayesha called out to me, stopping in the middle of my name as she walked onto the terrace, seeing Ayaaz and I.

‘Hey Ayesh,’ I said as I got off the couch. ‘Ayaaz was just showing me the house.’ I said, smiling at her.

Ayesha frowned at me at first, but then she smiled her cheesecake smile again, ‘was he showing you his bedroom huh?’ she said to me as she did that up-and-down thing with her eyebrows. Seriously!

‘The house Ayesha, he was showing me the house,’ I said to her with a straight face, my cheeks still pink.

Ayaaz was still on the couch but stood up now, smiling, and stepped forward towards Ayesha. ‘You got to see some of the house yesterday, so I just brought Rezana to check it out today. Why were you looking for her anyway?’ he asked.

‘Oh, they’re serving dinner. Let’s go eat, I’m starving and the food looks great!’ Ayesha said as she grabbed my hand and started walking. What’s with everyone and my hand today?

I stopped her and turned to Ayaaz who was still on the terrace. ‘Aren’t you coming to eat?’

‘Sure’ he replied, smiled and walked with us.

The tables were almost full when we went down, people already consuming the meals that they dished up in a polite manner. We headed to the buffet and I was quite blown away by the choices we had. I love food, how must I taste everything on this one plate?

There was soft creamy steak served with potato slices and mushrooms. Then there were butterflied prawns in a peri peri sauce, with spicy rice and vegetables on the side. They also had chicken fillets, stuffed with spinach and feta cheese and grilled to perfection in a delicious sauce. Each dish was made by the hired chefs. I sure as hell made sure I tasted it all, even though I had to keep on getting up for more food. I couldn’t look greedy now could I?

Ayesha and I sat next to each other while Ayaaz sat opposite us as we chatted away. We got along quite well and Ayesha joined in the conversation too. After relaxing at the table for a while, talking to Ayesha and Ayaaz, dessert was served.

Chocolate mousse, Portuguese custard tarts, banoffee cake and my absolute favourite… cheesecake! Ayaaz must have noticed the love in my eyes for each dessert as he headed to the table and brought us one of each and two spoons to share. Ayesha already went on her own when Aaliya called her. She joined us as we began eating desserts, enjoying every single bite. We headed upstairs towards Ayaaz’s room because I wanted to show Ayesha how spectacular it is.

“Oh my gosh! I am going to get so fat for my wedding if I keep coming here!” Ayesha said as she ate another spoon of banoffee cake and settled on his bed.

Ayaaz and I looked at her from against the glass walls where we were standing, then at each other and burst out laughing.

“She’s one of those huh?” Ayaaz said, tilting his head towards Ayesha.

“Yea, she sure is!” I said, laughing at Ayesha. “Just chill Ayesh, enjoy the delicious taste and don’t worry about getting fat.” I told her, looking at her.

I turned my gaze towards Ayaaz, “you know, some people eat so they can live, but I live so I can eat” I said to him, beaming my cheesecake smile at him as I grabbed the cheesecake.

“Oh by the way, this is my favourite so I’m not sharing!” I said to him as I stuck my tongue out at him.

He laughed at me before saying, “You can have as much as you want sweetheart, and I think I’m too full either way.” He said, smiling at me as he winked. There’s him flirting again… I enjoyed my cheesecake by staring out the glass from the room with the view.

I took a walk downstairs to fetch my purse that I left by the buffet. By now, the tables were empty. There were a few people on the lawn who were getting ready to leave, but many had left already. Mum and Dad were with Aunty Zubaida and Uncle Ismail by the pool area, whilst Aaliya and Ebrahim were playing on the lawn.

“I don’t watch soccer at all,” Ayesha said as we spoke about soccer when I went back upstairs.

“I played soccer with my friends as part of the local soccer team in Nelspruit. In the moving process, I found out that there’s a team here as well which my cousins are a part of. We played one or two games when I was in the area sorting out stuff with the house. It’s actually fun, you girls could come watch too. Many people do.” Ayaaz informed us. Happiness shone in his eyes as he spoke about soccer. I guess he really loved it with a passion.

“I don’t hate soccer, but I just love the hot players. I’m a die-hard Cristiano Ronaldo fan. His just so hot and plus a good player. Plus the shoots he does for his underwear range makes me drool. His body is just something! Oh and his new shirt range that he just launched has to be him at his best. So hot!” I shrieked, getting all enthusiastic about Ronaldo.

Ayesha and Ayaaz were looking at me weirdly at this point. “Whaaat? I just know a lot about him okay!” I protested, folding my arms and sulking a bit due to their looks.

They both burst out laughing. “Don’t sulk, you look better when you smile and talk about Ronaldo.”Ayaaz told me, smiling.

A smile instantly crept up onto my face as I laughed with them at my Ronaldo obsession. Ayesha even began imitating me and Ayaaz laughed away, before we were interrupted by his phone ringing. We quietened as he answered his phone.

“Heyyy how are you?” he said into the phone.

“No nothing it’s not that…” and he stood up, silently excusing himself with his hands and a look of confusion on his face.

Well that was weird.

“Oooh you like him you like him!” Ayesha told me, acting immature for her age.

“No I don’t! His cute but I don’t like him. He is such a flirt! Although I think we’ll be good friends.” I said to her as Ayaaz walked back and told us Mum and Dad were ready to go home.

We bid our farewells and made salaam as we got ready to leave. I waved Ayaaz a goodbye as we turned to walk out the gates and go next door to our home sweet home.

I got out my dress and into my pink bear PJ’s and soon fell into a deep sleep, dreaming about my favourite things: Cheesecake, Ronaldo and a room with a view.

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His white shirt and jeans... Damn!

His white shirt and jeans… Damn!

Ebrahim's white bedroom

Ebrahim’s white bedroom


Aaliya’s perfectly pink room

The main bedroom- blue perfection!

The main bedroom- blue perfection!

Ayaaz's amazing room with a view

Ayaaz’s amazing room with a view

The terrace

The terrace

The buffet

The buffet