Part 30 – Expect The Unexpected…

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Zaydaan leaned back and looked away.

I looked up at him and he looked up at me as he tried to say something.

That flicker of anger disappeared and he had a regretful look lingering in his eyes.

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**Just so you know, Part 30 marks the end of Season One 💖 the blog will be on pause for Ramadaan and Season two kicks off after Eid 😀**

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Part 29 – Inside Ayaaz’s Head

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I paced my room as I thought about letting Reez go alone with Zaydaan.

After much thought, I agreed to it and I phoned Zaydaan to let him know.

‘Hey bra, hwzit?’ I said to him when he answered.

‘Lekker man and you?’ He asked.

‘I’m good man… Listen, I’ve been thinking about what you asked me…’ I told him.

‘And, what have you decided?’ He asked me. I could hear him being a bit nervous.

‘I know you care about her, and even though I’m not too thrilled, I’ll let you guys go alone.’ I said to him. ‘Just don’t do anything stupid or I WILL come and punch you in the face.’ I added through gritted teeth.

‘No sweat bra, I promise I’ll take good care of her. I do love her, after all.’ He said to me, trying to make me believe that I done the right thing.

We made arrangements to meet at the garage near Gold Reef City so that Reez can jump in with Zaydaan.

‘Uhm, Ayaaz… One more thing?’ He said, slightly hesitant.

‘Yea?’ I asked him curiously.

‘Please don’t tell Reez…’

‘Why?’ I questioned him.

‘Because I know she won’t be happy to come without you. She relies on you a lot when you’re there. I just want her to feel safe with me without you…’ He explained.

I sighed to myself.

‘Okay, fine.’ I said briefly.

After finalizing everything, I put the phone down and lied down on my bed.

After this, for a long time Zaydaan will be in Cape Town. So I guess this one day won’t kill anyone, will it?

I questioned my decision again and again. I was lost in my thoughts, wondering if I did the right thing when Reez called me over for a movie.

We snuggled under a fluffy blanket and had popcorn fights while watching Coyote Ugly. At the end of the movie, we chatted for a bit. Just a small reminder about her date the next day had her in smiles.

Her excitement couldn’t be hidden and right then and there, I knew I made the right decision.

Anyone can make her smile. I do it all the time. But that light in her eyes when she thought about Zaydaan and the date he has planned was a confirmation that she loved him very much. And that light was something I couldn’t even switch on.

I told her don’t be too excited and to try and get some sleep, but her bright beaming smile already told me she’ll be up for a while before going into lala land.

I headed home, slightly despondent about my chance with Reez. Her love for Zaydaan is so evident that I couldn’t help but wonder if he knows how much she loves him.

I don’t wish that they break up. I know she loves Zaydaan, but that doesn’t stop me from loving her or just having a little bit of hope that she’ll turn towards me, because once she does, she’ll never turn back…

‘Is something wrong Ayaaz?’ Reez said as she took a step closer.

‘No, not at all…’ I said, shaking my head. ‘The plans are just a little different, that’s all.’

‘Different how?’ She asked me.

I hesitated, not knowing how to answer her. Before I did, Zaydaan walked up to us and answered for me.

‘Ayaaz won’t be coming with us today, that’s how. It’s just you and me today.’ He said, smiling at Reez.

Many thoughts ran through my head as I waited for Reez to react.

She looked at me, slightly confused, but more in shock at what Zaydaan just said. He was right, she relies on me a lot, even when his there. I just hope that she won’t get angry.

I lowered my gaze, trying not to look her in the eye. When I looked up, I smiled at her, hoping she would think I’m okay with it. But I wasn’t, and she could see right through me.

When she asked me why I let him do it, I couldn’t help but tell her all the thoughts that have been running through my mind. It’s because of her happiness and nothing more. I just want her to be happy, even if it means breaking a few rules once in a while.

I convinced her to be happy and enjoy her date. I didn’t want to stand in the way of her and Zaydaan. After convincing her that I’ll be in the area, she left with a blank look on her face. I know she must be wondering why I didn’t tell her about the plan before, but I’m sure she’ll get over it by the time she’s back home later today.

I sat in my car and drove to the shopping centre nearby. After parking off, I put on my music and turned up the volume. Truthfully, I played some soppy songs. It hurts to love someone that isn’t yours…

I put Jay Sean – War on repeat as I rested my head back on the headrest. It’s like this song was made for my situation…

2 guys

1 girl

Both in love with her

Okay, I’m not at war…

Okay, I’m not a soldier…

Okay, maybe the song wasn’t made for me. Bt you get my point, right?

When I stopped feeling sorry for myself, I got out the car and went to get something to eat. Mochachos sounded good, so I headed over there and bought myself a CB special.

After filling up my stomach in slow motion, I sat around for a bit. Time was passing by quickly and very soon I would have to fetch Reez again.

I checked my Facebook for some new videos of cars and races. I was impressed by the Ford Focus ST that left a BMW 3-Series behind. That’s some awesome shit!

Towards the afternoon, I headed towards Gold Reef City theme park and parked in the parking lot. Judging from what Zaydaan told me, I’m sure Reez and him are finished on all the rides and are probably walking around.

I pushed my seat back and closed my eyes and lied back for a while. I opened my window a little bit for some fresh air.

I must have dozed off when an alarming noise shocked me out of my reverie.

What is going on? 

I looked around to see a few people panicking in front of me. When I saw where the alarm came from, I figured out what was happening. The Ferris wheel just got stuck!

I jumped out the car and walked towards it, watching as they tried to fix the situation. I covered my eyes, protecting it from the sun as I tried to look at the wheel. I noticed that the wheel is almost full with people and then I turned away.

But I stopped.

I turned my head back to the wheel, the very top to be precise and that’s when I saw her dark brown hair flying in the wind. I could see her crisp white shirt from here…

I took a closer look, just to make sure… And my heart leaped when I knew I’m right…


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