Part 50 – Eyes never lie

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Reez’s P.O.V.


I thought about the eventful day that I had, a day that was about to get even busier.

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Part 49 – Remorse and Regret

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Zaydaan’s P.O.V.

Pulling on my sneakers, I stood up and zipped up my hoodie. I plugged in my earphones and clipped on my iPod before sprinting out the door just as the sky began to colour from the darkness it was in for the past few hours.

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Part 48 – Big BrotherΒ 

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Ayaaz’s P.O.V.

The sun shone bright above my head, the heat landing on my back as I removed my shirt while sitting beside the pool.

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Part 47 – Confessions

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Ayaaz’s P.O.V

‘Naah, never mind.’ I said to myself as I chucked my phone to the side. If Zaydaan doesn’t know, Reez should be the one to tell him. It’s not my story to tell, even though I’m just being a good friend more than anything right now.


The sun rays shone through my glass door even as the thin curtains hung over it.

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Part 46 – Sleepy Reez

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Ayaaz’s P.O.V.

I watched her doze off as she leaned on my shoulder, her mouth slightly agape, the sound of her breathing filling my ears due to our close proximity.

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Part 45 – Second ChancesΒ 

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Ayaaz’s P.O.V.Β 

I looked up as I heard her descend down the stairs, balancing on my crutch as my gaze met hers.

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