Part 76 – He likes watermelon?

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‘Uhm… Zak, no need to get angry. We’re just talking about Ayaaz’s friend.’ I said nervously to Sumz elder brother as he stood with a protective stance.

‘Ayaaz’s friend and marrying Sumz in the same sentence?’ He questioned sternly.

Sumz looked down as she fidgeted with her fingers nervously, unable to speak or look up as she feared Zak’s reaction.

‘Uhm, I was just joking… It’s Uhm – ‘

‘Nothing to worry about.’ Ayaaz said as he walked into our conversation, clasping Zak’s shoulder as Moe and Ahmed tailed behind him. ‘It’s something I’ve been meaning to speak to you about, so don’t get the wrong idea.’

I breathed a sigh of relief as I saw Ayaaz close his eyes and nod at me as a sign of reassurance, watching as he took care of the situation.

‘Zak and Ahmed, Sumz is your sister, and I consider her as a sister to me too. So bare that in mind when you hear what I have to say. When I thought of this, it was for her best interests and nothing else.’ Ayaaz spoke as the guys listened attentively.

‘My friends from the masjid that we met at my place, Moosa and Ebrahim?’ Ayaaz reminded them and they nodded in recognition.



‘Well, we just thought of Moosa for Sumz. His a really nice guy, his islamically inclined, he dresses in an Islamic manner, and his good looking too!’ Ayaaz added in as a token of humour, ‘but most importantly, Sumz has no problem with proposing to him.’

‘What? So you already have something going on with this guy?’ Ahmed, Sumz eldest brother questioned.

‘No, no!’ I quickly clarified. ‘It’s nothing like that. Just the suggestion of Moosa didn’t seem like a bad idea to her, that’s all.’

‘Jee, that’s all, Ahmed. I promise I have never and don’t intend to do anything haraam. Reez just asked Ayaaz to speak to both of you.’ Sumz finally spoke in a small voice.

Moe, who was sitting in silence along Ayesha and her husband that joined us in the room, finally spoke up with a wide smile on his face. ‘I don’t see what’s the problem then! Ahmed, Zak, speak to your parents and suggest a proposal. Sumz could have found her Prince Charming!’ Moe said with a chuckle and Ahmed and Zak finally loosened up, joining the room in laughter while Sumz blushed crimson.

‘Isn’t it weird for a girl to ask a guy for a proposal though?’ Ayesha said once the room quietened down.

‘Actually, it’s Sunnah.’ Sumz said and when everyone turned to look at how quick her response came, she blushed again and I couldn’t help but chuckle at her. ‘Our best role model is the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and we can find a most beautiful example between him at Khadija (RA). She sent a proposal to the Prophet through her friend Nafisa, and He accepted the proposal.’

‘Society just makes it seem like girls are forward if they ask a guy to marry her.’ I spoke with an eye roll as I thought about how society rules our lives.

‘Okay, then I’ll speak to my parents and Ayaaz can speak to his friend in the meantime.’ Ahmed said and the room was filled with smiles as another joyous moment enveloped us, and with wide smiles, we all headed downstairs so the guys could braai the meat while us girls set up the tables and salads.


We settled around the fire, stuffed from the delicious smokey braai meat and warm and spicy salads, still sipping on glasses of ice cold passion fruit, something Sumz dad always made for us when we had a braai.


Surrounded by cousins and siblings, we erupted into laughs as we all sat and reminisced about our childhood memories.

‘Ayaaz, bra, did we ever tell you about our bike pile?’ Zak asked Ayaaz as he laughed.

‘Bike pile?’ Ayaaz questioned.

‘So one day, Ayesha, Ahmed and I were riding our bikes in the back yard.’ Zak said with a wide smile as everyone turned their attention towards him. ‘I decided to go all curvy swervy around the pool and Ayesha and Ahmed followed. Before I knew it, I was heading for the pool so I slammed my tiny bicycle breaks. I managed to stop just at the edge of the pool. Ayesha stopped too, just behind me. But Ahmed…’ Zak trailed off with a slight chuckle. ‘Ahmed didn’t use his breaks so he came flying into Ayesha and I, sending all three of us flying into the pool!’ Zak said and we erupted into laughter once again.

‘Bra, I didn’t know how to use my breaks!’ Ahmed said with a laugh.

Sumz, Ayesha and I went to the kitchen while the rest of them carried on with the stories. We grabbed some plain biscuits, pink and white marshmallows, caramel treat and skewers and we headed back to the fire to make delicious s’mores.

I put a thick layer of caramel on a biscuit before adding my perfectly toasted marshmallow on top, closing it into the perfect sandwich. And just as I was about to dive into it, it was snatched from my hand. I turned around and found Ayaaz seating himself behind me, already halfway through my s’more.

‘Heyyyy! That was mine!’ I whined while pouting and crossing my arms over my chest.

‘What’s mine is your baby, and what’s yours is mine.’ Ayaaz teased with a wink, smirking at me while everyone chuckled at our banter.

‘Ayaaz, you haven’t seen the violent side of her. Be careful.’ Ayesha said sneakily as she exchanged a look with Sumz.

‘My lovely wife doesn’t have a violent side.’ Ayaaz said sweetly.

‘No, I don’t, see.’ I said to Ayesha and Sumz. ‘Now zip it!’ I warned them of letting out any secrets but they didn’t stop.

‘She does! Let me tell you what happened one day…’ Sumz began in between her soft giggles. ‘So we were all in my room one Friday, me, Reez and Ayesha, and for some reason Ayesha and I began to tickle Reez.’

‘Oooh, but she’s so ticklish.’ Ayaaz said as he winked at me and I blushed at how he kept saying these things in front of everyone.

‘Exactly!’ Ayesha said. ‘But Reez is so strong compared to Sumz and I and before we knew what was happening, she head locked Sumz and held her down.’ Ayesha said and everyone laughed. Ayaaz looked at me in surprise before he laughed.

‘While she held me down,’ Sumz continued, ‘I screamed for Ayesha to tickle her more and I tried to get her to help me. Just as she came forward, Reez kicked in the air towards Ayesha’s face and nearly put her foot in her face and she told her she’ll kick her if she tries to tickle her again.’

At this Ayaaz’s jaw dropped while everyone burst out laughing yet again, me covering my face in embarrassment as I laughed at the scene. It was one that I would truly never forget.

‘Damn, babes! I never knew you had it in you.’ Ayaaz said with a wide smile.

‘Well, my big brother taught me how to defend myself.’ I said with a smirk as I reached for more biscuits.

I made another s’more with double the amount of caramel on it and before Ayaaz tried to steal it again, I ran to Moe and gave it to him. I know how much he loves caramel.

‘Thanks, Reez.’ Moe said with a wide smile. ‘You know just how I like it.’

‘Enjoy it while you can, when your wife comes she’ll be at your service, not me.’ I teased Moe with a smile.

Everyone indulged in more s’mores, and because Ayaaz stole my second one too, I was finally roasting my marshmallow to perfection for my own s’more.

Putting it just a little closer to the fire, it browned into a perfect crisp on the outside while it was soft and gooey on the inside. Perfection.

I grabbed my caramel covered biscuits and just as I placed them near the marshmallow, the skewer slipped and my gooey delicious marshmallow went sliding down.

‘Oh for fudge sake!’ I groaned while everyone laughed in my misery. ‘It’s not my night to eat s’mores.’ I huffed, crossing my arms.

Ayaaz laughed before kissing my forehead. ‘I’ll make you one, babes. Don’t worry.’ With that, he set to work and brought me a delicious s’more a few minutes later.

‘Mmmmm! So worth the wait!’ I said, biting into my second one that he made while everyone started clearing up. We stood on the side, out of the way, and Ayaaz leaned in close towards me as I hummed in appreciation.

‘You always do this…’ He said, leaning closer. I fumbled on my feet and his arm instinctively wrapped around my waist, holding me in place.

I raised my eyebrows nervously with flushed cheeks to ask him what his doing and what his talking about. As he leaned closer, I lowered my eyes.

He placed his fingers below my chin, raising my gaze and as a subtle smile spread on his lips, his thumb reached up and swiped a piece of caramel off the corner of my mouth, sucking it off his thumb.

‘Your lips taste sweeter.’ He teased with a wink, letting go of me and walking away, leaving me in a flushed mess as I bit my lip covered in watermelon flavoured lipgloss.


So… he likes watermelon? 

Author- S


Another day, another post πŸ™†πŸ» hope you enjoyed it! 

Anyone here likes watermelon flavoured lipgloss? Lol! Apart from Hafsoo πŸ˜‰ I prefer strawberry to be honest…

Look out for Moe’s proposal in the next post, and hope that it goes smoothly.. Plus, there’s a little bit of heaven on earth as the family takes on Durban in all its glory😍 

Pictures for today’s post are below! 

Until we next time… 


Big brother mode from Ahmed & Zak

Big brother mode from Ahmed & Zak

Ahmed & Zak

Ahmed & Zak

Braai time 😍

Braai time 😍

S'mores with caramel 😍

S’mores with caramel 😍

Watermelon lipgloss πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ yummy πŸ˜‹

Watermelon lipgloss πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ yummy πŸ˜‹



  1. Slms caught up ur blog in 3 days thoroughly enjoying it
    Stayd up till late in the night to catch up after kids slptπŸ™ˆ
    Am expecting and ever since I started reading ur blog I have this severe craaaaavingg for cheese cake lol
    How about sharing reez’s famous cheese cake recipe n all her other yummy deserts πŸ˜‹

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  2. Ψ§Ω„Ψ³Ω‘ΩŽΩ„Ψ§ΩŽΩ…Ω ΨΉΩŽΩ„ΩŽΩŠΩ’ΩƒΩΩ…Ω’ ΩˆΩŽΨ±ΩŽΨ­Ω’Ω…ΩŽΨ©Ω اللهِ وَ Ψ¨ΩŽΨ±ΩŽΩƒΩŽΨ§Ψͺُهُُ I found your blog now read the entire thing in 2 days. Really love it. Please please with a strawberry on the top post soon one week ago you posted last but it feels lyk a month. Your are a great writer miss S our special authoress

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  3. Yoh. Ayaaz to the rescue. ☺️
    Me doesn’t like watermelonπŸ™ˆ Don’t worry Reez I also want to hide when they start u know that she is not always so calm πŸ˜„πŸ˜€ stories.
    I also want a s’more πŸ˜‹
    Lovely post πŸ’

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