Part 61 – Marbelous (Bonus post)

Here is your BONUS post! And what a post it is! Just 5357 words… yeah, that’s how much I love you guys!

So a huuuge thank you for sharing this season with me, for all the comments and the nagging, and for bearing with me when I didn’t post on time! This post is a token of appreciation for that. 

Also, a very special thank you to the amazing authors that drive my phone battery to its death every day! You girls are amazing!

Lastly, Happy Birthday Zaaks! There’s a little part in here that I wrote just for you! Trust me, you’ll know it when you see it! Lol

Now, go bake some chocolate cake, send me some, take a slice, then eat and enjoy this super long read! I’m gonna kick my feet up for a few weeks 😉


Reez’s P.O.V.

The sun peeked in through the curtains marking the beginning of a new day, but for me, it also marked a step closer to a new life, a new adventure, as someone’s wife. With the thought of that wrapped around my mind, I got out of my bed in a haste as I prepared myself for the last Friday in my own home, as a daughter in this house, hoping to make the most of today because after tomorrow, I won’t return to this as my home.

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Part 60 -Counting the days (Season Finale)

A super long post for my super awesome readers! I hope you guys enjoy this post! 😉

Here’s the deal, the more comments I get, the quicker I’ll upload your bonus post! Yes, there’s a magical bonus post filled with lots of pretty things, so get commenting and tell me what you think of the post! 😉

This post is dedicated to a certain Zahraa who claims she will fight every one of you for HER Ayaaz… I just love her feisty nature, even though this might cause war in my comments section! Hope you enjoy this post Zahraa! 🙂

Now, enjoy! Kick off your shoes, loosen your hijaab and get reading already!


Ayaaz’s P.O.V.

The days flew by and the nights whizzed away as everyone around me became a blur of busyness while I remained lost in thoughts of my own.

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Part 58 -Disappointment

I decided to combine two posts so you get a long, enjoyable read. Hope you like it! Don’t forget to comment and let me know what you think 🙂 

This post is dedicated to quite a few people. 

Firstly, my sister from another mother aka my cousin from someone else’s dozen lol thank you for your help! 

Secondly, to a special bunch of girls that make my day all day err’day! Zaakoo, Hafsoo, Shazoo, Shyroo, tasmoo, Faatoo, Asmoo, you girls are amazing! 

Lastly, to Amina, Hafsa and the rest of the class of 2015! Congrats on all your good results, you made it! Not only are you officially matriculated, but now you’re officially unemployed lol! Hope you guys are proud of your achievements!

Now I’m done, so please enjoy the post! 🙂


‘It’s just been… magical!’ I said to Sumz as we sat on her bed after a hefty Jummah (Friday) lunch.

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Part 57 -Two As One

Hope you enjoy this much awaited post 🙂

It’s almost time for an end of season break, so posts will start becoming more regular once I return after that much needed break.

Again, super sorry for being a bit late with this post! 😛

Now please enjoy, preferably with a full tummy because this might make you hungry again, lol!

Ayaaz’s P.O.V.

I adjusted the PC screen in front of me, switching it on to make sure the software was working. The past few days have been crazy for me as I helped my dad out with yet another upgrade to the software at his offices.

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Part 56 – Pizza 

This post is dedicated to Amina! The title says why 😉 hope u enjoy this post! 

This season ends at Part 60, so just a few more to go before I take a break! 

Sorry once again for the late post, the plan is to post the next one soon! 

Hope everyone is having a good holiday! 💖

Now please enjoy 😘

Reez’s P.O.V.
I sat with the droopiest eyes as my lecturer went on and on about our entrepreneurial assignment. We had to work as a group and come up with a product to create or resell, then create the product, market it and sell it at our open day.

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Part 55 – Magical

Super long post to make up for being late… Sorry guys! 

Anyways, it’s honestly so worth the wait! (Ok, well, I hope…) 😉

This magical post is dedicated to a magical person… Amirah!

I hope this little bit of magic has you smiling for many days!

Remember, no one can rob you of your smile, except you… In other words, keep on smiling, Amirah! 😀 Well, that’s what Basheerah and I think at least 😉

A special thank you to Shazia from LLD for being SO amazing and always helping me out with these wedding posts!

And And And…. Much love to all the girls in the special girls in that group… You girls are amazeballs! 😀

Now please enjoy with popcorn and chocolate milkshake!

Ayaaz’s P.O.V.

Reez and I went towards the entrance of the hall after noticing a few of the guys and girls from Zainab’s crazy group of friends.

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